Company Management

Robert A. Dziublowski ? Chief Executive

Graduate of the Department of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw and International Relations at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.
Co-founder of Top Consulting, Robert Dziublowski has over 20 years of international experience in investment consulting, fundraising, acquisitions and corporate management. A long-term consultant for US financial organizations on Wall Street ? NASDAQ and NYSE.
Robert Dziubowski has achieved numerous international successes while working on large-scale deals in the US, Russia, Vietnam and Ukraine, as well as other countries. He has advised in the following projects:

  • Household International ? preparation of acquisition strategy and obtaining the Polish banking license
  • Wussler Group, the partner of Ted Turner Pictures, in the acquisition of NTV, Russia?s largest private TV station
  • Eiffage Construction in the acquisition of Polish construction company Mitex
  • Industrial Union of Donbas ? Ukrainian industrial group
  • NASDAQ in the entry on the Polish market and the potential acquisition of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

In 2002, together with a group of private investors, Robert Dziublowski has established Mobiltek, which became the leading supplier of solutions for mobile technologies. Member, chairman and president of the boards of directors of numerous companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Robert Dziublowski has actively directed the boards of directors in the following capacities:

  • Chairman at construction materials group Bauma S.A. (currently ULMA S.A.)
  • Supervisory board member at IT group Computerland S.A. (currently Sygnity)
  • Supervisory board member at IDMSA stock broker
  • Chairman of the board at Pol-Aqua S.A. construction group

Mr. Dziublowski is also serving as the Supervisory Board member at Centrum Technologii Mobilnych Mobiltek S.A. and as independent director at Stream Communications Network & Media Inc

Zbigniew Powiera ? Deputy CEO

Active on the capital markets since 1994, Zbigniew Powiera specializes in the analysis of economic and financial condition of various businesses, profitability and securing funds for investment projects, stock market listing and the management of investment portfolios. He is also an expert in enterprise valuation and the acquisition of registered corporations.

Graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Warsaw. Mr. Powiera has also completed the Postgraduate Management Studies specializing in accounting and taxes at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. Licensed securities broker.

Mr. Powiera has the experience acquired at companies such as:

  • Stock brokerage DM Banku Millennium, for which he has created and executed an action strategy, he was also responsible for operations of the stockbroker on the capital market
  • Brokerage house DM Wood & Company, where he was involved in, among other things, implementation of a new customer service project
  • Pierwszy Komercyjny Bank S.A. w Lublinie, where he served as the head of the Stock Exchange Operations Team
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange ? assisting in the implementation of a new trading system
  • Top Consulting S.A., where he is responsible for activities related to the listing of client companies on the NewConnect platform

Mr. Powiera is currently serving as an executive at the following companies:

  • Deputy CEO -  TOP Consulting S.A.
  • Board member at Media & Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Mr. Powiera is also serving on the boards of directors of several companies, including:

  • Supervisory board member at Haxon S.A.
  • Supervisory board member at TOP Consulting Conferences & Trainings S.A.
  • Supervisory board member at Wojskowe Zakady Lotnicze nr 4 S.A.
  • Supervisory board member at Centrum Technologii Mobilnych MOBILTEK S.A.
  • Deputy chairman at Apolonia Medical S.A.Supervisory board member at Terra S.A.

In the past, he has also served as a director in the following capacity:

  • Deputy chairman at ?Jaroma? S.A. in Jarocin
  • Supervisory board member at Przedsibiorstwo Zboowo-Mynarskie ?PZZ? w Bolesawcu S.A.
  • Supervisory board member at Zesp Elektrowni Wodnych ?Porbka ? ar? S.A. in Midzybrodzie ywieckie

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